== Battle of Chernogorsk ==

Cassus Belli

At 1st January 1991, Ivan Zavodsky, Red Army colonel, sent more then 200 tons weapons and ammunitions to Chernarussian National Army bases. He also found group of defecting officers to help organize National Army. During August 1991, Soviet government started to fall down. General Pavlov, Commander-in-Chief of 51st Soviet Army in Chernarus traveled to Moscow to help pro-stalinist coup.

Thanks to his no-presence, and leading by unexperienced young officers in charge of sergeant Dimitriev, nationalists and anticommunists mobilised their forces.

Night assault in Chernogorsk


First nationalist separatists attacks started at 2 O´clock AM 20th August 1991. It was first preparation phase for final attack. In this attack, rebel leaders did not expect victory. They sent their own comrades to dead only for few inteligence documents and scout operation. In this preparation phase, rebels sent 10 armoured vehicles and tanks against Chernogorsk, with support of 200 soldiers. Soviet forces repeled attack after many hourse, because rebels sent many reinforcements. At 7:55, Soviet elite ground forces started counter-attack on important rebel base in one little village. Soviet elite unit under commanding of sgt. Dimitriev liberated village and destroyed rebel operational base. It was big damage for rebels... but they remobilised their forces. After this attack, Soviet again won over rebels, in capturing rebels defended Radiocommunication Military Facility. But after this, rebels started massive attack, include defectors. Red Army forces had very complicated defense lines in city which was big deal for national resistance. Many machinge-gun outposts and mortar positions led to big casualities in rebel forces and fall of morale level. However Red Army was defeated and Communist Government resigned after People Militia collaborated with rebels. Communist leaders were killed or escaped to Sahrani. Sgt. Dimitriev also escaped to mobilise Sahranian military to help.


Immediately, United States of America, China and Great Britain recognized new counter-revolutionaries transitional military government. Communist Party was dissolved and brutally suppresed. All Trade-Unions were banned. 27 Trade-Unions members, 192 members of Communist Party and 421 other leftists were shoted by new government secret police forces.