Chernarussian Army

Born and raised in first part of war

Chernarussian Army, or Chernarussian Armed Forces, is primary military forces of Chernarussian Democratic Republic. ChA was born in first ethap of civil war, by leading of Ivan Zavodsky, from paramilitary forces and few chernarussian-origins Red Army units. First ChA unit was 12th Mechanized Infantery Battalion which lead attack against Chernogorsk with heavy casualities. Then, 2nd Rifle Division and 7th Armoured Brigade participated in destroying last communist army strongholds.

Second part of civil war

After invasion of communist coalition(SPA-ChLA-ChRA-MPLA), morale level of ChA drasticly dropped down. Many soldiers defected or deserted after large air-attack against importants supply roads and convoys. ChA was giant with weak legs. Very soon, ChA losted near all logistical support and radiocommunication systems, destroyed by sabotage action of Chernarussian Liberation Army and diversion attacks of Sahrani Especas Commandos. Include American direct and un-direct support, Chernarussian Armed Forces could not defend Chernarus against communist invasion. In 24th April 1996, Chernarussian Army capitulated. ChA losted 17 000 soldiers, 1 000 officers, 410 tanks and armoured vehicles and 98 choppers and air-crafts. All weapons and ammunitions were confiscated by advancing communist forces.

Forces ChA have(March 1996) 36 000 soldiers, 1 500 officers, 500 tanks and armoured vehicles, 100 choppers and air-crafts.


Chernarussian Army Base



AKM, AK74, PK, RPG-7, SVD Dragunov, RG42(granades), Makarov(pistol)


T-72, BMP2, BTR70, BRDM, BMP2(Commanding version)


UAZ, Ural(transport truck) UAZ-MG(with machine-gun)


Mil-24, Mil-17, Su-25, B-52(American support)