Chernarussian Communist Party is leading single-party government in Chernarus Soviet Socialist Republic.

- First periode 1910/1921 -

ChCP was created in January 1910 by left-wing nationalists as Chernarussian Social Democratic Workers Union, close cooperating with mensheviks from Georgian Social Democratic Party. ChSDWU leaded many workers strikes and radical anti-tsarist agitation. Many members of ChSDWU were killed by pogromists, cossacks, tsar police Ochranka and tsarist army, after insurgent uprising in Chernogorsk, in 1912. In 1913, Party started cooperate with bolsheviks faction and created coalition with Caucasian bolsheviks. During the IWW, liberal wing of ChSDWU which critical supported tsarist regime was expeled from party. Control over party took radical pro-bolshevik activist, Leonid Kozultsow. Chernarussian Social Democratic Workers Union was renamed to Chernarussian Socialist Bolshevik Party and grew up from 1 600 members in April 1915, to 15 000 members in September 1916 and 45 000 members in October 1917. During Russian Revolution, ChSBP very active fought for national independence and creating communist regime. During 2nd All-Russia Soviet Congress, ChSBP sent 20 delegates, which all supported decret of peace and land reform and also creating new bolshevik government. In December 1917, Party was again and last time renamed to Chernarussian Communist Party. During Russian civil war, large part of party members joined Red Army ranks and fought against Caucasian Cossack Union and white-guard forces of general Denikin. They were very succssesfull in resistance and regular military operations. During 1921, Chernarussian Communist Party started with near 120 000 members, build new communist regime in Chernarus and they joined Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic.

- Second period 1922/1939 -

Chernarussian Communist Party led Chernarus to join USSR. In 1924 Party had near 250 000 members, 40% of Chernarussian population. After Lenin death, whole party supported Trotsky and Radek opposition. Just 1% of membership joined pro-stalinist factions. During 1929, Chernarussian Communist Party in reaction against force collectivisation of agricultural started to forming own people militia to defend peasants and private farmers. Stalin revenge was brutal. In 1935 Party was banned as counter-revolutionaries trotskyist-fascist organisation. 426 000 members, near 90% of Party, were arrested and sent to GULAG´s. Party leaders were arrested and shoted. Members of Chernarussian People Militia and their families were murdered by NKVD. In 1938, still-living members of ChCP started with armed struggle against Stalin tyranny. In fought, died 1 000 members of Party, now in Chernarussian People Army and 71 Red Army anti-insurgent troops. In 1939, leaders of ChCP escaped to Turkey, where they got political asylum and they created provisional exile leadership.

- Third period 1940/1985 -

After Trotsky dead, part of Party transfer to social-democratic positions and part stayed on communist positions. In June 1941, after Hitler attack on USSR, Party wrote proclamation where supporting Soviet Union in struggle against nazi armies, many members of party, prisoned in GULAGs were freed and joined Red Army in Caucasian areas. After Stalin dead, ChCP was rehabilited and re-created in Soviet Union under Krushchev leading, but near all trotskyist and anti-stalinist leaders died by very strange incidents... they were murdered on Krushchev order by KGB, in 1959. During Brezhnev period, ChCP started to by loayal pro-Soviet and neo-stalinist party. After Andropov and Chernenko dead, in Party started struggle beetwen ortodox brezhnevist leading faction and opposition social democratic-trotskyist groups.

- Fourth period 1986/1991 -

During this period, ChCP returned in many points to trotskyist and communist positions. Party supported Gorbachev experiments and tried to applicate them in Chernarussian Soviet Republic. Very succsessfully! ChCP had in 1987 support of 72% Chernarussians. 20% supported Chernarussian National Party, 5% Chernarussian Liberal People Party and 2% Chernarussian National Socialist Democratic Party. During last year of Soviet Union, ChCP losted popularity thanks to big corruption scandals and murdering opposition nationalist leaders. They had only 35% support. After failed agricultural experiments and land-reform, they had support only in cities and industrial areas.

- Last pariod 1991 -

In August 1991, ChCP split to two wings. One, with support of Red Army and KGB, sent many their members to help neo-stalinist coup in Moscow. Second, leaded by social democrats, trotskyist and liberal democrats started revolt against leadership. They were brutally suppresed and ChCP started to losing control over country. After failed coup, Chernarussian Democratic Coalition(ChNP-ChLPP-ChNSDP) mobilised all their armed paramilitary forces, attacked and captured Chernogorsk and started mass murdering of communists.