Chernarussian National Army - Army of murderes and bandits

Chernarussian National Army was established in 29th September 1942, during nazi-invasion to Chernarus borderland. ChNA was sponsored by Waffen-SS and Wehrmacht in diversion and terrorists attacks against soviet buildings and military objects. In first phase, ChNA was group of 25 000 bandits, murderers, nationalists, right-wing radicals and fascists. They had big casualities and in autumn 1943, they stopped all military activities. ChNA was rebuilded in 70´s, under secret commanding of Ivan Zavodsky. National Army builded large connection of little military camps and bases, and started diversion attacks against military and civilian-administrative buildings. During collapse of USSR, National Army was central protagonist of so-called "Chernarussian National Liberation Revolution". National Army attacked by large regular military operation against soviet forces of 51st Soviet Army and defeated soviet army. National Army was destroyed at 22nd April 1996 by massive communist offensive against Zelenogorsk HQ.


National Army HQ during last communist offensive


After "revolution", National Army separated on halfs. First half was basic core of new created Chernarussian Army. Second half stay as counter-revolutionaries paramilitary brigade. In 1991, National Army had 16 000 soldiers and officers, 20 tanks and armoured vehicles, 100 armoured cars and 2 helicopters. After military inspection control at 1st April 1996, Chernarussian National Army had 40 000 soldiers and officers, 50 tanks and armoured vehicles and 150 armoured cars, plus 5 helicopters and 1 bomber.



AKM, AK74, AKS74, RPG-7, PK, PKM, RG42(granades), Makarov(pistol)


T-72, T-55, BMP2, T-34, BRDM(include Anti-tank version)


Mil-24, Mil-17, B-52


Do not have.