Chernarussian Soviet Socialist Democratic Republic was established after communist military invasion in April 1996. On whole Chernarussian territory was established soviet power, soviets(democratic people councils) took all economical, military and political power.


In 1991 lived in Chernarus 9.7 millions peoples. In 1995 just 5 millions, in 2020 10 millions and population rapidly rising, thanks to economical industrialization in 2010-2014.


War very changed Chernarus culture. Offical right-wing dictatorship established commercial stupid culture. After war, in 1996, Communist government permitted all culture options and rights for peoples. But also, as state-culture declared "Socialist Realism".


After war, Chernarus was devasted. 42% unemployed peoples, collapsing health care and school-system, chaos in streets and banditism. That all very damaged reborning socialist economy. In first 5-years plan, communist government repaired all damaged areas and reestablished basic industrial capacities. Socialist government used all resources to help population in wealthy live. In 1999 unemployed peoples were only 30%. In 2007 just 10%. In 2011 only 5%. GDP raised from 450 dollars on man(2.25 billions dolars) in 1995, to 6 200(62 billions dollars) in 2020.