Ivan Zavodsky, right-wing dictator Editovat

Early life Ivan Jefremovich Zavodsky was born in 1941, in poor-peasant family. His father died during 2WW, when he joined pro-nazi Caucasian Liberation Army. After war, Zavodsky and his family was brutal presecuted by Stalin revenge. In 1960, Ivan after rehabilitation, joined Red Army ranks and he tried to create secret military faction of right-wing and anti-communist officers and soldiers chernarussian origins. In 1964 he was arrested and sent to GULAG. In 1977 he was freed and re-joined Red Army. in 1979-1985 he served in Afghanistan, where he secretly sent thousands documents and informations to anti-communist resistance fighters.

First period of Civil War In rank of colonel of Red Army, he gave elite training for irregular paramilitary anti-soviet forces in Chernarus. He joined radical right-wing National Socialist Democratic Party. During first period of war, he leaded first and second attack against Chernogorsk. He was in first attack defeated, but in second attack, thanks to lack of weapons and munitions, bad morale and collapsing of soviet regime, he captured Chernogorsk and gave order to execute 450 civilians and 500 communists on chernogorsk central square.

Presidency He was elected by new provisional parliament under leading of right-wing parties and Chernarussian Left Democratic Party. He established secret police, mass censore and started new economical reforms. On western orders, he privatised 60% of all economy, thanks to his land-reform peasants losted their lands for traditional cossacks and land-lords. During crisis, 25% of Chernarussians were un-employed and he used against general strike, army. His soldiers killed 1 000 workers and peasants during attacks against strikers and capturing factories.

In foreing policy, he closed border with Russia and stopped trade with Russia and Sahrani, thanks to that, crisis was deeper and deeper. He started to trade with Americans, British and Frenchs. He also gave permission to build American military outpost near Zelenogorsk.

Colonel Ivan Zavodsky, during speech to nation

Second period of Civil War When Sahranian army and communists started full-scale war against his regime, he mobilised all forces, which he had. But without civilian support, with many peasants uprisings and workers general strikes, he very soon losted near all power. He losted also American direct military support and economy of Chernarussian Democratic Republic fall in to deep chaos and collapse! He gave order to start evacuation of his personall and officials to Everon, where he got political asyl. When Red Army liberated Chernogorsk and destroyed National Army Resistance, he created Government-in-Exile on Everon, but he did not have any civilian support.

Later life After 1996, he retired and lived with his wife, Olga Zubowa in Montignac, on Everon island. He died on cancer in 1999, in age of 58 years.