Sahrani People Army

Equiped by Soviet Union, disciplined by socialist morale and trained by bloody war against Sahranian Monarchist Army, SPA is very good army.

Commanding structure

The highest commander is president Alvarez, under him is minister marshal Gonzales. Under them is so-called "Elite Officers Corps", with 100 good trained and clever officers from rank of major to general. Under them is low-rank officer corps with 500 members of ranks from sergeant to captain. Paralele with this corps existing "Commanding Center", where is central strategical operational Headquarters. This CC is in Ortego, in southern Sahrani. Center of EOC is in Bagango, capital.


Sahrani People Army have 25 000 soldiers, 1 000 low-ranks and high-ranks officers and 50 communist propaganda "political commissars". Sahrani People Army have 500 tanks and armoured vehicles, 125 battle-choppers, 50 aircrafts exclude 10 bombers. 5 000 artillery batteries.


Sahrani transitional military base, Krasnostav, Chernarus

Sahrani War

During war in 1985-1986, SPA was sponsored and supplied by Soviet Union. They got large packs of weapons and ammunitions. Soviet officers as military advisors helped during war to training soldiers and officers of SPA. Soviet anti-aircraft units were stationed in Bagango to secure Bagango air-space, because of lack of AA-weapons and ammunitions of SPA. Before Soviet Army sent 500 elite paratroopers commandos SpecNaz, it is looked Sahrani People Army will be defeated, because Americans send more then 4 500 their soldiers and officers to help southern armed forces. Soviets sent for northern communist army just 1 000 soldiers and officers(if I do not except SpecNaz commandos). After large diversion operation and serie of sabotages, south-sahranian army supply roads were destroyed and sending weapons and ammunitions for monarchist army drop down about 75-80%. Many southern-sahranian soldiers deserted or defected to SPA. Also people angry about south-sahranian provocated war was high. After serie of strikes and another sabotages, SPA started massive counter-offensive, broke through front-line, destroyed large part of armoured monarchist forces and killed more then 5 000 Sahranians soldiers and 200 Americans. In 7th April 1986, SPA captured Ortego and northern roads on south-part of Island. In 10th April 1986, SPA forces secured oil-rigs and many important farms. SpecNaz paratroopers captured and defended airport near capital Paraiso. SPA broke defensive line in 11th April and helped soviet forces to defend airport. At 13th April, king Juan Pedros III., escaped from country and Sahrani People Army liberated Paraiso. Last assaults ended at 20th April with American retreat and capitulation of radical right-wing paramilitary forces. Thanks to that, Sahranian People Army is very good trained and experienced.



AK74, PK, RPK, RPG-7, RG42(granades), SVD Dragunov, Makarov(pistol)


T-72, T-62, T-55, BMP1, BMP2, BTR80, Shilka ZSU(AA Battery)


UAZ, Ural(transport truck), UAZ-MG(with PK machine gun)

Air Forces:

Mil-24, Mil-35, Su-35, Mil-17


Few transport ships.


Mortars, D-30 Battery