Sgt.Alexei Dimitriev

Alexei, during battle of Chernogorsk

Early life

Alexei was born in 1970. His father was professional military officer and radical stalinist, his mother was army nurse, also stalinist. In 1985, Alexei cleared basic military school for officers childs. In 1987, his father died during war in Afghanistan and Alexei joined Red Army. He found his future wife, Nataly Khersonskou. She was trotskyist, but they loved each other.

Civil War

In August 1991, Alexei took commanding over Red Army forces in Chernogorsk, on general Pavlov order. Alexei participate in first repel of counter-revolutionaries forces. After fall of Chernogorsk, Alexei with group of Red Army officers escaped from country and get to Sahrani Socialist Republic, where they contacted Sahranian Military with request for help. They disagree, because they started war against Everonian Democratic Republic. But in 1996, after he got message about Nataly dead by counter-revolutionaries hands, he married with Maria Luisa Vuasquez, on Panthera Island, which was part of Sahranian territory, he was informed about preparation for full-scale war against right-wing dictatorship in Chernarus. He joined invasion forces and at April 1996, Sahranian military with Chernarussian Red Army in exile, communist resistance and MPLA forces, started full-scale military invasion to Chernarus. They attacked and liberated whole Chernarus and executed right-wing leaders. Alexei participated in invasion mission, battles on beach and had important role in Central-Front Operations.

Namalsk War

But before liberation of Chernarus, he joined Sahranian People Army and as infantry platoon commander, he fought in war against Everon. He and his soldiers many time decisive won over Everonian soldiers and officers. He also leaded top-secret diversion attack operation wich destroyed Everonian supply-depots and radio-communication centers. He also leaded 25 soldiers against Everonian military fortress and last resistance units of Everonian army.

Alexei, during Namalsk offensive

Later life

After liberation of Chernarus, he lived in peace and stability with his wife and childs, in Krasnostav. He was elite military officer and reformator of Chernarussian Armed Forces. He retired in his 71 years and died in 85 years, rank of Army General.

Few preferences

Alexei during war: Killed 460 soldiers and 79 officers.

Wounded 600 soldiers and officers.

Shoted 25 000 bullets.

Threw 42 granades.